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Estimate of costs - example

The rental of a property gives rise to various costs in addition to the rent. To make it easier to plan your move, it is helpful to have a quote from the start that tells you how much it will cost to install in your new place of residence. Some specific fees in Japan may sometimes be necessary.
We invite you to consult the calculation estimate provided below as an example.

Initial fees

The initial fees are the fees paid to the real estate agency and the managing company at the signing of the contract.
These initial fees due in most cases are listed here. The title of each expense and the final recipient of its payment are detailed.

ExpenseApproximate amountRecipient
Deposit (security deposit)1 to 2 months rent Deposited at the lessor
Lump sum payment to the lessor (reikin)1 month rentPaid to the lessor
Rent in advance (including common charges)Prorated on the actual number of days of occupancy Paid to the lessor
Guarantee premium for unpaid rent20% to 100% of rentPaid to the guarantee company
Agency fees1 month rent + consumption taxPaid to the real estate agency
Insurance premiumRenewable every year or every 2 yearsPaid to the insurance company

Example of an estimate of the initial costs for a 100,000 yen rental property (including common expenses), with entry on 16 April

Deposit (security deposit)¥ 100,000 (in the case of a deposit of one month)
Lump sum payment to the lessor (reikin) ¥ 100,000 (where the amount is fixed at one month's rent)
Rent in advance (common charges included)¥ 50,000 (for 15 days from April 16th to 30th)
Guarantee Corporation¥ 50,000 (in the case of a 50% premium)
Agency fees¥ 100,000 + ¥ 8,000 (calculation with consumption tax of 8%)
Claim insurance premium¥ 10,000 (in the case of renewal every year)
Total¥ 418 000

Other costs may be necessary

Other fees may be required for the release of the premises or each month.

Other fees may be required for the release of the premises or each month.
  • Initial refurbishment fee
  • Cleaning fee
  • 24 hour monitoring fee
  • Membership fees to the neighborhood association
  • Renewal fees, etc.

This presentation indicates the costs generally required. Depending on the rented property, other costs may be due. It is therefore important to check without fail before signing the contract.

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