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Intermediation in residential rental real estate - The different stages

Here are the main steps between presenting a premises for rent and entering the premises. Whether it is a one-room studio (1R) or an apartment with living-dining-kitchen area (LDK), the process is basically the same.

  1. 1. List your criteria
  2. 2. Search the premises for rent
  3. 3. Visit
  4. 4. Presentation of the application file
  5. 5. Examination of the file
  6. 6. Explanation of the important points
  7. 7. Signature of the contract
  8. 8. Delivery of keys / entry to the premises

List your criteria

We will list down your selection criteria first. We invite you to consult the example proposed below.

What to think about
Le type de construction ?
  • The type of construction? Small building of light construction (apâto), reinforced concrete building (manshon), single house, etc.
Plan and surface of the pieces
  • Plan and surface of rooms Number of occupants? Number of rooms desired?
  • Desired surface?
Desired surface? 
Room Orientation, Number of Floors
  • Do you want rooms facing south, east? Corner pieces? Etc.
  • Will you avoid the ground floor for security reasons? Etc.
  • Would you like a gas or electric kitchen?
  • Parking space require ?
  • Do you want an automatic closure / digital code? Etc.
  • Location In which zone do you want to live? Which train / metro line, which station / station do you prefer? Etc.
  • Convenient areas to get to work or school
  • Near living environment
  • Convenience in supermarkets, shopping streets, etc.
Distance from the station
  • How far would you like to live from the nearest station?
  • Do you go on foot, by bike, by bus?
  • How much is your desired rent?
  • What is your maximum budget?
  • Is the budget secondary, because your employer does it? Etc.

Search premises for rent

We will seek a rental based on your wishes.
Tell us your wishes without hesitation, because we can present you virtually everything that exists on the market, without any limitation of prefecture or zone. Consult us too if you have found yourself a premises that interests you: in the majority of cases, we can serve as an intermediary.


When you have found an offer that meets your wishes, we will visit it. The visit of course concerns the interior of the accommodation, but we will also check that the whole building suits you, without the slightest reservation: common hall, waste disposal, two-wheeled parking, car parking, etc. We absolutely recommend to make a visit, because simple photos leave many elements aside.

Presentation of the application file

Once the visit is over, if you think you have found the accommodation of your choice, we will present your application to the managing company or owner. This presentation of the file is not the contract: at this stage, nothing is fixed yet.

Examination of the file

After submitting your file, a company will examine it on behalf of the managing company or the owner. If your file is accepted, the next step will be the signing of the contract.
This examination of the file is different according to the examining companies, and these do not reveal the details. The important thing is to confirm the candidate's ability to pay rents, and to be sure of his identity (by checking, for example, whether he works in a company, etc.). a self-employed worker, etc., the presentation of Japanese tax statements (tax return), etc., facilitates the formalities.

Explanation of important points

Once the review of the application has been completed, and the prospective tenant has not changed his mind, this is the stage of the contract. Before signing, there is the formality of explanation of the important points.
A document explaining the important points is obligatorily issued in the event of a real estate transaction, and the law requires that a duly authorized real estate agent carry out this explanation orally.

Main points of the rental
  • Building equipment
  • Points regarding the duration and renewal of the contract
  • Prior to the conclusion of a special lease
  • Points concerning the use of the rented premises and other limitations to its use
  • Points concerning the regularization of the deposit, etc.
  • Management Manager
  • Points concerning the withdrawal of constructions on building land at the end of a lease

These important points and the contract contain essential information - they summarize what you absolutely need to know about the apartment you are going to rent. In case of doubt or misunderstanding as these documents are read to you, it is crucial to obtain confirmation before signing the contract.

Contract signature

Once the explanation of the important points is over, it's time to sign the contract. After signing the contract, money must be paid.

Contract signature

Once the explanation of the important points is over, it's time to sign the contract. After signing the contract, money must be paid.

Main contents of the contract
  • Duration and renewal of the contract, purpose of use
  • Rent, common charges, etc.
  • Deposit and other interim payments.
  • Prohibitions and limitations applicable to occupants
  • Scope of repairs respectively at the expense of the tenant and the lessor
  • Release of the premises, initial restoration
  • Formalities of termination of the contract, etc.

As the document explains the important points, the contract is filled with very important indications on the lease / lease. It mentions for example the conditions of cancellation during the lease. It is therefore essential to check before signing what was not well understood.

Key Delivery / Entrance

Once the rental agreement is signed, the tenant receives the keys and enters the premises.
In general, keys are delivered the day before the contract start date, or slightly before (and not at the date of signing the contract).

5ème étage will also assist you for the formalities usually necessary after entering the premises. Do not hesitate to consult us for further information.

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